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Our Home Gym

Last March (2020) when COVID got real and everything basically shut down.  My husband and I decided to make use of the unused space in our basement and build our own home gym.  I didn't realize that I married someone so crafty, but I sure am grateful for his skills.  I don't have all the construction details, but I know that he had to put up dry wall, mud and tape, then paint, and add sub floor and flooring.  We already had some of the equipment and some we found at garage sales.  I highly recommend trying to find stuff at second hand stores, or on Facebook Market or Craig's List.  If there's something specific that you want to buy new, I recommend looking for it now and getting on a wait list, that's what we had to do with several of the pieces we ended up buying new.


Titan Cable Machine

I will say that the cable machine was an amazing price and it works great.  It was however a huge pain to install (according to my husband).

Rogue Squat Rack

Amazon Basics Bench

Thick Workout Mat

Bowflex Adjustable Weights

25lb Barbell

Adjustable Kettlebell

Resistance Bands with Handles

Adjustable bench: Yard sale


Terracore Code: FITMOM25


Yoga blocks and strap 

Basic resistance bands

Amazon Basics Foam Roller

Step up bench

Titan Cable Machine
Rogue Squat Rack
Bowflex Adjustable Weights

Storage & Accessories:

Gladiator 4 Tiered Shelf

**Pro tip: Line the shelves with the leftover flooring.

Full Length Basic Mirrors

Rubber Flooring

Rogue Belt & Band Hanger

Wall Mounted Bumper Plate Weight Rack

Gladiator Storage Shelf
Home Gym

Having a home gym has been a huge time saver and its very convenient.  I do miss going to the gym at times, connecting with others and some of the equipment, but overall, its amazing and I'm super grateful.  The next item that we'd like to purchase is a treadmill, but hopefully we'll get lucky and find a used one. I think this is pretty much everything.  If there's something that I missed or if you have any questions, please feel free to drop them below.  


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