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12 Week Pelvic Floor Strengthening Guide

12 Week Pelvic Floor Strengthening Guide

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This 12 week Pelvic Floor Strengthening Guide is designed for postpartum women.  The guide is broken into three separate sections, each building on the previous weeks exercises and becoming progressively more challenging.

What does this guide include?

  • 12 weeks of exercises that progressively get more challenging
  • Complete explanations on how to properly utilize your breath 
  • Full length videos that clearly demonstrate how to do the exercise and how many reps to do

Is this guide for you?

  • If you are postpartum and have been cleared to exercise by your physician
  • If you are tired of avoiding certain activities w/ your family for fear of leakage
  • If you are looking to strengthen your core & improve mobility
  • If you experience leakage when running, sneezing, coughing
  • If you want to tighten your lower abdominals and alleviate low back pain

This guide is NOT intended for women that are currently pregnant, or trying to conceive.  Always consult with your physician before starting a new fitness program.  It is imperative that you have been cleared to exercise by your doctor before using my guide.